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Oakdale Confidential:
An As The World Turns Novel

Thursday, April 06, 2006


“I might fall from a tall building/I might roll a brand new car/'Cause I'm the unknown stuntman that made Redford such a star.”

From 1981-1986, Lee Majors “sang” the above theme song for The Fall Guy, a TV series chronicling the adventures of “the unknown stuntman.”

I know how that guy felt. I’m no stuntman. But I am Anonymous. I’m a ghost-writer, and my latest project is “Oakdale Confidential” from Pocket Books, a novel written to celebrate As The World Turns 50th Anniversary.

Starting April 7, 2006, at 2PM on CBS, the characters of fictional Oakdale USA are going to be all up in arms, wondering who wrote this scandalous, sexy, anonymous novel. The story will play out on air for weeks, and eventually lead to many complications in the lives of Oakdale’s favorite couples. I know who really wrote “Oakdale Confidential.” But it’s doubtful I’ll ever get the chance to jump up and down yelling, “Me, me, me, it was me, send the kudos this way!”

I don’t mind. I knew what I was getting into and I’m proud of my work as well as the show it’s associated with. But a nameless, faceless writer needs some forum in which to blow off the steam of keeping their identity a secret. So welcome to Ghost-Writer-Blog, the blog where we’ll explore issues unique to ghost-writing, as well as dish about book publishing, television production, tie-in writing, and life in general… all from the safety of our contract-mandated anonymity!

Hope you’ll come and visit again soon!


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