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Oakdale Confidential:
An As The World Turns Novel

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


A recent item in Soap Opera Digest regarding Oakdale Confidential stated:

(It) may be a best-seller (which is refreshing to see for a book inspired by a soap), but call us old-fashioned: We think ATWT’s 50th deserved something more than a tawdry mystery – like, say, The Complete Family Scrapbook (released in 1996) updated for the last decade.

The fact is, updating The Complete Family Scrapbook was discussed in-house prior to deciding to go forth with Oakdale Confidential. But, in the end, P&G decided to go with the mystery over the history for a simple reason.

They believed that the one thing the long-running soap opera deserved for its 50th Anniversary over all else was the chance to keep running for another fifty years. Which meant the chance to attract more viewers.

An updated Family Scrapbook would undoubtedly have sold well to the fans. But there was nothing in that option which would have inspired a non-fan to pick the tome up.

By telling the story of Oakdale through the genre of women’s mystery fiction – one of the best-selling genres in the literary field – the hope was to not only give the fans an original adventure they could enjoy featuring their favorite characters during “off hours”, but also to introduce non-viewers to all the fun As the World Turns has to offer.


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