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Oakdale Confidential:
An As The World Turns Novel

Friday, June 30, 2006


A friend informs me that a blog called Snarkspot has, for months, been addressing questions to me on various topics related to "Oakdale Confidential."

I dropped by the blog, hopping to answer the questions posted to me directly, but could find no e-mail address for him/her. So, this is a public shout-out offering to answer the multitudes of questions (I had no idea I was so fascinating), if only Snark him/herself would be so good as to contact me.

(Oh, and one little note, when you called me a "klepto..." You are aware that klepto is short for kleptomaniac, aka a person with a compulsion to steal things. I believe, based on the general tone of your post, that you meant "schizo," aka a schizophrenic, which is the colloquial, though technically incorrect, term for a person with a multiple personality disorder. Or so one of my alternate personalities tells me...)

Have a great 4th of July, all!


thesoapgoddess said...

DID is multiple personality disorder.
Schizophrenia is more of a hallucination, altered reality thing. Sometimes associated with extreme paranoia.
Perhaps he/she meant Sociopath or psychopath, which we now call "Anti-social personalty disorder" (which personally, TheSoapGoddess thinks sounds nicer than it actually is--like it is someone who doesn't want to talk at party).
Either way, whatever his/her supposed diagnosis: How can he possibly apply it to your book or yourself?

7:53 AM  
Alina Adams said...

We can only continue to wonder... ;)

6:54 AM  
Snark said...

I assume this is directed towards me. Then again, my blog is called Snark Weighs In, not Snarkspot, and I don't recall having a multitude of questions for you.

I used klepto, because one of the key components of kleptomania is compulsory behavior. The kleptomaniac knows stealing is wrong, but does it anyway, perhaps without realizing they're doing it. Likewise, you made it clear that you had an agreement not to reveal your identity as the ghostwriter of Oakdale Confidential, yet you seemed unable to stop yourself from revealing it to more than one publication.

Kleptomaniac probably wasn't the best word choice, but I believe it's clear from the paragraph, I was referring to the compulsive aspect. And of course your many identities left you open for the Viki crack.

But everyone is free to judge for themselves. Here's all my Oakdale Confidential saga posts:






Your readers will notice that I linked to the blog postings and articles I was citing, whenever possible, so they could make up their own minds.

Also, I'm male, and my e-mail address is: snarkieposter@yahoo.com. A lot of people know me from years of column writing and message board posting, so sometimes I forget that the blog has opened up a totally new readership that is not aware of these things. I will prominently display the e-mail soon.

As for your finding whole saga fascinating--guilty as charged.

5:30 PM  

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