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Oakdale Confidential:
An As The World Turns Novel

Friday, October 06, 2006


GalleyCat reports (well, more like snarks):

... Troubled wide receiver Terrell Owens - who was called out by teammate Donovan McNabb on many issues, but most especially about his recent biography (which McNabb deemed "a children's book") - is actually putting his name on a kids' book.... LITTLE T LEARNS TO SHARE, aimed for the 3 to 5 year old set, "uses adorable illustrations and rhyming text to show one boy learning to share his new football with friends" as a means of "sharing with children the lessons he didn't learn as a child (and has had to painfully acquire as an adult)."

And why am I mentioning this particular fact on this particular blog? Only because the September 29 issue of The Boston Globe earlier snarked (lots of that going around):

We now know who has the toughest job around. Kim Etheredge. She's the publicist for Terrell Owens, and if you want the definition of impossible, it is ``publicist for Terrell Owens.".... She has to make sense of a guy who makes no sense. She has to come up with explanations for a guy for whom there is no excuse.... On one side, she works for Owens and must also answer to agent Drew Rosenhaus. On the other side, she's got Bill Parcells. Then there are questions from 4,371 members of the media who don't realize that in the Dallas Cowboys with Parcells and Owens and Jerry Jones they are covering nothing more than the sports equivalent to ``As the World Turns."

So I'm wondering, for Oakdale Confidential: The Sequel should Katie, Carly and Maddie hit the gridiron in picture-book form? After all, if anyone needs a lesson in sharing nicely with others, its these ladies...


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