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Oakdale Confidential:
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Thursday, July 06, 2006


I have no problem, in principle, with people coming back from the dead on soaps (I had a much bigger issue with an entire season of DALLAS being a dream, rather than just bringing Bobby back from the dead like a normal soap person).

But what always gets to me is that the bereaved takes one look at their formerly dearly departed and, nine times out of ten, thinks, "There's my dearly departed back from the dead!"

Now, I've never personally experienced this phenomenon, so I don't know for a fact how I would react under the circumstances. But it seems to me that a more reasonable reaction would be, "There's someone who looks SO MUCH like my dearly departed!"


My favorite back from the dead soap returns:

Roger Thorpe GL
Laura Spencer GH
Simon Frasier ATWT
(I also liked the recent return of Robert Scorpio on GH in theory, but not in execution).

My favorite all time back from the dead return:

Chester Tate on SOAP. Leading his wife, Jessica, to utter the immortal line that I believe ALL soap characters should employ. "We thought you were dead, Chester. And, of course, being dead, we did things which we wouldn't usually do when you were here because being dead you are not."

If only GL's Harley had thought to say so to Gus, he could have recognized the logic of her statement and skipped the whole pill addiction thing.


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