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Oakdale Confidential:
An As The World Turns Novel

Monday, July 24, 2006


Here is a photo of Maura West (Carly) autographing a copy of Oakdale Confidential for a fan, and here is one of Jennifer Landon (Gwen) doing the same.

Sidenote: Can I tell you how much I love Jen Landon?

I got a chance to interview her backstage a few minutes after she won the Emmy this year for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Daytime Drama. I asked her if she felt that her moment in the spotlight was being short-changed by everyone asking about her late father, Michael Landon? After all, no other winner was asked about their parent so frequently.

This is what she said: I like talking about him. I can experience him in the way that people talk about him. There are times when he’s mentioned that feel kind of inopportune or gratuitous, but those are rare moments, when it comes from a very aggressive place. Most times it’s really genuine. I think he did touch a lot of people, and it feels cool that I get to hold on to him that way. I think if you lost your parent, unless you get morbidly sad every time somebody brings them up, you get happy when people say they knew him. It’s cool, because then they’re not dead in the same way. Even if they’ve passed away, their life still has this odd inflation in it from all the people who knew them, so it’s nice.


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