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Oakdale Confidential:
An As The World Turns Novel

Monday, October 30, 2006


For (well, it seems like ever) married people (especially with children) have been considered by cool cat society at large as boring, traditional, conservative, bourgeois.

It's the single, the living together, the footloose and Sex in the City free who were hip, with-it, adventurous, open-minded and edgy.

Now comes a report from the Census bureau:

"...That 49.7 percent, or 55.2 million, of the nation's 111.1 million households in 2005 were made up of married couples--with and without children--just shy of a majority and down from more than 52 percent five years earlier."

So I guess it's the single people who are now living the boring, predictable, everyone-is-doing-it-so-I-might-as-well-get-on-board, traditional, don't-want-to-take-any-chances-and-risk-people-judging-me lifestyle, and married people who are bucking trends, taking a risk, embarking into uncharted country and living on the edge.

I'm a counter-culturalist.

Who knew?


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