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Oakdale Confidential:
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Tuesday, December 05, 2006


From NBC:

In another history making interactive first for NBC Daytime, beginning today through December 31, fans of NBC'’s hit daytime drama Days of our Lives” (1 p.m. in most markets) can vote online at NBC.com to name Hope's (Kristian Alfonso) baby girl.

Daytime viewers have been voting on storylines -- albeit, at first, by phone -- since Guiding Light fans decided an on-trial-for-murder Meta's fate in 1951. 75,000 votes were cast, with a margin of 100 to 1 to declare her innocent.

In 1984, GL watchers also voted on what to name Nola and Quint's baby. The winner was Anthony James, though the tot kept losing syllables, as he was first called A.J. and then merely J.

Santa Barbara
followed suit in 1989 with Cruz and Eden's baby, whom viewers named Adrianna.

GL fans, this time using the Internet in lieu of a phone, named Rick and Mel's baby girl Leah in 2004. (It's a good thing they didn't take too long to decide. The young lady is currently a teen).

Even DOOL itself offered viewers the chance to vote on who should be the father of Hope's last baby -- John or Stefano. (Of course then they changed it to Bo anyway, and eventually killed little Zack off).

So I'm not really sure where NBC is getting their "another history making interactive first" designation from.

ABC is on slightly firmer ground with their announced:

...Plans for a groundbreaking storyline on All My Children involving a character coming to terms with her transgender identity. This marks the first time any daytime drama has chronicled a transgender coming out story.

Arguably, the story was already told on their very own network in 1996 with the character of Azure on The City, played by Carlotta Chang. More from GLAAD on the groundbreaking tale, here. Since Azure had technically already completed her surgery prior to being featured, you could say that AMC's story is unique in that it will follow their character, Zarf (anyone else thinking of Spaceballs and John Candy when they hear the name?), through the process. But that seems to be splitting a very fine hair. (Fun soap opera trivia fact: Ms. Chang is currently married to ATWT's Paolo Seganti, who plays Damian).

The above situation sounds a lot like what happened in 1984, when ABC proudly trumpeted their primetime television movie, Something About Amelia, by boasting that it was the first time father/daughter incest was being dealt with on television.

Except for the fact that Loving (forerunner to The City) had been playing the same story in daytime for almost six months.

ABC solved the little conflict of honesty by telling Loving to kill their version.

Something About Amelia
won a bunch of Emmys.


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