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Oakdale Confidential:
An As The World Turns Novel

Thursday, November 02, 2006


About ten years ago, friends of my parents who had children a few years younger than me would regularly send said children to me so I could dissuade them from going into show business/writing/production by relating tales of my own struggles in those fields.

I did tell them how hard working in the entertainment industry was. But I also told them how much fun it was. Basically, you get to play pretend all day, hang out with attractive and witty people, go to nicely catered parties in the evenings and travel to exotic locations. (In the midst of all that, you do get letters and e-mails from total strangers telling you how much you and your work suck, but then there are more parties).

Fast-forward a decade, and the same parents have given up on having me talk their children out of impractical careers, and now send the same children to me so I can tell them how great having kids is.

And I do tell them how great having kids is. And then I tell then that if they're even a little ambivalent about it, they shouldn't have them. The fact is, raising children is arduous enough when you are 100 percent certain it's what you want and have wanted since you were in the cradle yourself. Anything less than that, and it becomes way, way too hard.

Obviously, motivational-speaking isn't in my future.


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