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Oakdale Confidential:
An As The World Turns Novel

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Y&R is recasting the role of Brad's mother. Millie Perkins last aired August 16. Lorna Raver starts September 19.

Aside from her Holocaust cache of playing Anne Frank in the The Diary of Anne Frank in 1959, Perkins was never right for the role. She was born in 1938. Meaning that, according to Y&R, she was heroically saving stolen Jewish art from the Nazis at the age of eight or so.

But it wasn't Miss Perkins' age that bothered me so much. It was the story itself. Tales of lost Nazi art, whether on daytime, primetime or film, always annoy me. Because, when it comes to the crimes of the Nazis, stealing some art is really, really, really low on the list of confirmed atrocities.

Every time I see such a story, it reminds me that no one can bring back someone's wiped out family, their lost childhood or undo the ravages of starvation and abuse. So they write a story about giving someone their painting back. As if that even comes close to losing a parent or a sibling or a spouse.

People make much of the heroism of General Dietrich von Choltitz who, in the last days of World War II, refused Hitler's orders to blow up Paris landmarks because, in the words of one commentator, "even he knew some crimes were too monstrous to commit."

Deporting 76,000 French Jews and an indeterminate number of French Gypsies to concentration camps? That's cool.

But torching the Arch de Triumph? Now there's a war crime worth resisting.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


All My Children's new, more cinematic style is apparently not earning the show a lot of fans. (I don't blame them. Personally, I still can't watch the first season of Homicide: Life on the Street without getting nauseous, and not just because Andre Braugher is so scary).

I'm surprised AMC chose to go that route. Back in 1995, when the small-town citizens of Loving (well, those who didn't get snuffed by a poisoned powderpuff or toxic candle at the hands of a serial killer) picked up stakes and moved to The City (New York City, not San Francisco, for those who still find it confusing), they also got the cinema treatment. The show was shot on location in the streets of New York. It looked like a movie. It starred Morgan Fairchild. It still failed.

In 1997, no less a name than the great Aaron Spelling gave daytime a whirl with Sunset Beach, also featuring that video-treated-to-look-like-film-look. And no less a name than the great Aaron Spelling, after a few months, pulled the plug, explaining that daytime viewers didn't want soaps that looked like movies. They want soaps that look like soaps.

So why does ABC think AMC viewers are any different?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


With the news about Oakdale Confidential: Secrets Revealed coming out November 14, a poster on the message board, WeLoveATWT.com writes:

Man! I wish I could write a book and constantly attempt to make babies if Katie is the writer!

Well, I'm just the second-billed co-writer, of course, but I'm currently pregnant. Plus I have two older kids. And a husband. And a day job.

But, then again, Katie is the one doing a majority of the work. ;)

Friday, August 18, 2006


Exciting news! For those who loved "Oakdale Confidential," there will be a new edition, "Oakdale Confidential: Secrets Revealed," with extra chapters and photos, just in time for the Christmas/Holiday season!

Photos was the one request I heard most from readers after the first edition came out, and the fans' wish is my command!

Fifty years of Oakdale -- live and in color (though some are in black and white) -- coming up! (Not just Katie, Carly and Maddie like in the first edition, but all the other characters as well, starting with Nancy and going up through her great-grandson, Casey).

This time around, Katie is taking credit for her work. No more "Anonymous." And so am I. The byline will read "Katie Peretti as told to Alina Adams."

Which, in fact, it was. For several weeks, I sat at my computer and allowed the voice of Katie to jabber on in my head. It's actually the most amazing thing. The more you think in the voice of Katie, the more everything she says and does begins to make perfect sense. Which, considering this is the girl who made up a stalker, went scuba-diving for a diamond, dug up a skeleton and regularly chats with her pet rabbit, is a scary, scary thing....

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


By now, the Internet is more than overrun with stories of how fan opinion, fake trailers and enthusiasm affected the movie Snakes on a Plane to the point where film-makers actually went back and shot extra scenes based on what fans said they wanted to see.

Of course, fan involvement has long been a staple of soaps. Actors as diverse as John Stamos (Blackie; GH) and Trent Dawson (Henry; ATWT), who started out as day-players, ended up with contracts due to fan enthusiasm.

Trent told me back in April, "I started working what was supposed to be a couple of days, then I heard a couple of weeks, then it turned into six and a half years. When I was recurring, I would know up to three weeks in advance so, for five years, I assumed every three weeks I was gone. That had it's minuses in terms of your mental stability. It's nice to have a little security on that end now. I went on contract almost exactly a year ago."

And then there are the soap couples that are so popular that their fans love them right off the screen. DOOL's Patch and Kayla were one such example. When actor Stephen Nichols chose to leave the show, fans were so vocally adamanat against his on-screen wife being paired with anyone else, that eventually it left actress Mary Beth Evans stuck in a very lonely corner, and she left, as well.

Over on OLTL, fans want Viki and Clint together. So all of poor Viki's other spouses -- Sloane, Ben -- are doomed to death.

GL's Danny and Michelle tried other people, but the fans insisted on a Santos reunion. So they wed four times, and now live happily ever after -- off-camera.

The question is, should fans be allowed to dictate story for soaps, movies, etc... And, if they do, is it really a win for them in the end?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


AOL announced that it will preview a beta version of its new AOL Video portal later this week. Available for free, the new AOL Video is an all-in-one, high-quality entertainment destination to find, watch and share millions of the best videos across the Web.

Among the channels to be offered: The company that put the "soap" in soap operas presents the P&G Classic Soaps channel, featuring episodes from "Another World", "The Edge of Night", "Search for Tomorrow" and "Texas", including some available for the first time since they ended their successful runs. In addition, this channel offers original companion content for the contemporary classics "As The World Turns" and "Guiding Light".

This is massively cool. I've been screening episodes in anticipation of the launch, and not only are they loaded with goodies like a music montage set to that 80s power-ballad classic, "Total Eclipse of the Heart," but it's also a treasure-trove of future soap/primetime/movie stars in their earlier roles.

See DOOL's Matthew Ashford as clean-cut Cagney on "Search for Tomorrow." Margaret Colin on "Edge of Night." OLTL's Catherine Hickland and Alex Neil on "Texas". Anne Heche on "Another World."

Plus a 14 year old Jane "Ally McBeal" Krakowski! Harley Jane Kozak before "Parenthood!" Kim Shriner between GH stints!

Not to mention future TPTB like Pam Long, Ellen Wheeler and Chris Goutman.

Make sure you check it out ASAP!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Who says soaps have to be limited to just one hour a day, five days a week, and airing on a TV screen near you?

That's so 20th Century.

In the 21st Century, soaps are on TV. And on cable (SoapNet). And in books (Oakdale Confidential). And on the Internet (Inturn). And on your mobile phone.

As part of ATWT's Slasher storyline, CBS is producing original, tie-in content for your mobile, to help fans get a little deeper (first cut is the deepest, right, Rod?) into the story, and entice new fans into taking a peek at our action.

Don't have a mobile phone? Thank goodness for YouTube.com.

Check out Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, and Episode 4 of our original ATWT content, now! Go!